Event Committee

Event committee of The Central Law College has been functioning and being a part of programmes / events oranised at the college premises from 2015. The following are the details of the committee members and the responsibilities

1. Oversee the entire event and planning process.
2. Establish a task management schedule.
3. Recruit key volunteers and committee members as guided by the management.
4. Communicate the responsibilities and ensure objectives are met.
5. Ensure communication between committees is active.
6. Event committee meetings and foster an environment that generates new and exciting ideas on event calendar.
7. Setting facilities meeting, communicating the event overview and having sub-committees define their needs regarding the facility.
8. Responsible for committee succession planning.
9. Execute the responsibilities on the day of event successfully.
10. Adhere and track the changes of plan on the event with presence of mind.
11. Proofing Press Releases.
12. Arrangements for Master of Ceremony.
13. Hospitality of the Guests.

Mr. T.Vishnupriyan-Convenor
Mr. A.P.Natarajan

Committee Events

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