Anti Ragging

The college with a view to provide an opportunity to the entire staff to get involved in the administration has adopted the method of dividing the responsibility among the staff themselves and have constituted different committees with judicious combination of men and women lecturers who evince interest and have a desire to share the responsibility thus involving them in the administration. They are vested with necessary powers needed to execute the work. The academic administrative work is allotted to various committees.
It has become a practice among the college students of various colleges to get themselves involved in inhuman activities in the name of Ragging. This college has been viewing such instances of Ragging and Eve-teasing very seriously since the inception of this college. Now the Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu and Universities are compelled to take serious of such attitude on the part of the students. The Government of Tamil Nadu has enacted legislations to deal with Ragging.

Mr.Veerichetty- Convenor
Mrs. G.M.Kavitha

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