Literary Club

1. To establish interest of literature among the students
2. To develop a spirit of creativity among students in various skills
3. To put an end of stage fear among the students and to inculcate the art of debate on matters of social interest.
4. To make the students as great orators in both Tamil and English languages. 5. To improve the morality, self control, brotherhood, secularist tendency, etc. among students
6. To publish the articles, poems, essays, drawings, tidbits, etc., written and created by our students, annually through our college magazine.
7. To improve the unity and integrity between the students, teaching faculties and other staff members of our college.
8. To increase the multi-dimensional general knowledge among students through arranging periodical special lectures by our teaching faculty members and by the external resource persons.

Ms.K.V.S. Nivethapriya

Committee Events

Committee Not Available!