Code Of Conduct For Student

The Central Law College is an institution of educational excellence. Members of the CLC community strive to create an environment that contributes to academic success and personal growth. All members of the CLC's community are responsible for creating and respecting conditions both in the classroom and on campus that encourages teaching and learning in a positive atmosphere.

The document details the rules and regulations of the students/ candidates who shall be admitted into either 5 year B.A.LL.B integrated Course or 3 year LL.B Course by the institution. If students have questions regarding the Student Rules and Regulations, they should direct all inquiries to the Principal. Furthermore, The College reserves the right to delete, to add or amend the rules & regulations given below as and when deems necessary.

Rules And Regulations To Be Followed By The Candidates

  1. The Parents / Guardians of the students are expected to see that their Wards should adhere the rules & regulations of the College.
  2. Being a Law college and with students who are adults (eligible to exercise their adult franchise); we expect a high standard of discipline with emphasis on self-discipline. It would be pragmatic to implement rules and regulations of the college enforced by Ordinances through self-discipline.
  3. The Parents are expected to see that the conduct of their Wards should be at par with acceptable social norms of the Indian Culture and in no way tarnish the name and image of the College.
  4. All powers relating to disciplinary action against the students shall vest in the Principal/disciplinary committee.
  5. The Principal shall be responsible for the maintenance of discipline amongst the students of the College and shall exercise all powers necessary for this purpose, including the power to impose fine, forfeiture of attendance, suspension or debarring a student from the College for limited/unlimited period.
  6. In case the Principal feels that a more deterrent punishment than that mentioned above is warranted, in any particular case principal/ disciplinary committee suspend a student from the College for the entire academic year or expel him from the College forthwith.
  7. The Principal may either `suo moto' or on a report received from the Disciplinary Committee, take cognizance of any lapse or a serious breach of discipline and levy suitable punishment, which may even include expulsion of a student from the College.
  8. If any student is expelled from the College, intimation of the same with a statement of the reason thereof shall be given forthwith, by the Principal to the parent or guardian of the student. Student expelled shall forfeit all right to claim refund of any fees (except the caution money deposit) paid in the College.
  9. Students, going on strike, hunger strike, or any way found guilty of serious breach of discipline in or outside the College campus. The principal shall have power to fine, suspend, rusticate or even expel the concerned students from the college.
  10. Students of the College shall submit all communications intended for the College administration or addressed to the Management only to the Principal. The Principal will submit them to the higher authorities, if he/she considers it necessary.
  11. No one will be allowed to whistle, host, shout or sing aloud in the college campus.
  12. Students are prohibited from organizing any meeting or entertainment at College, or collecting money for any purpose within or outside the College, without the prior permission of the Principal, in writing.
  13. Students going to other Colleges or Institutions, and indulging in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations and strikes, would be liable for punishment.
  14. Students shall not hold meeting for criticizing the authorities of the College or University. Such meeting shall be deemed unlawful, and the Principal may take such action as he may feel necessary under the rules.
  15. Students are advised to take care of their identity cards. The loss of which must be promptly reported. Duplicate identity card will be issued only on payment of Rs.200/-. Loss of duplicate identity card will be viewed seriously and will attract a fine of Rs. 500/- (Instructions on the identity card should be read carefully and followed).
  16. All students admitted to the college are subject to the discipline and control of the college authorities. The students are required to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations that may be framed from time to time by the college authorities. Proper observance of college discipline, good conduct and participation in games and other events will play an important role in recommendation for final university examination/scholarships/placement/ award of certificates, when leaving the college. In case of breach of discipline the Principal shall have the power to fine, suspend, rusticate or even expel the concerned student(s) from the College.
  17. Ragging is prohibited vide Tamilnadu prohibition of Ragging Act, 1997. Any student found indulging in ragging in any form within or outside the college shall be immediately expelled from the college and necessary disciplinary action will be taken as per orders of Honorable Supreme Court of India. Those indulging in ragging is liable to be punished such as expulsion from the institution and/ or ligerous imprisonment upto 3 years and/or fine upto Rs.25,000/-
  18. Students are required to show due regard to the property of the college. Students writing on walls, pillars, bathrooms, furniture are strictly prohibited. Any student found guilty of defacing or damaging property like doors, windows, furniture, equipment, fixtures, books, buildings, vehicles, etc. of the college shall be liable for penal action and expulsion from the college.
  19. Students shall behave in a disciplined manner and follow all the instructions issued by the Principal from time to time. They shall not indulge in any kind of misconduct/anti-social activities/ act of indiscipline, within or outside the premises of the college. If they do so, they will be subject to strict disciplinary action or may face expulsion from the college. Every student should Endeavour to uphold the high ideals, the good name, and the prestige of the Institute.
  20. No student should take the law into his/her own hands, whatever the circumstances may be. Use of violence by a student on any other person will be viewed seriously and dealt with severely. Students shall make representation for any difficulty or grievance directly to the Principal. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee in these matters shall be final.
  21. Students are expected to co-operate in ensuring a virus free environment in the computer system.
  22. All notices shall be displayed on the notice board and /or on the college website and it shall be presumed that the students have knowledge of the same. Any negligence to read the notices and the loss thereafter will not be the responsibility of the college.
  23. Students shall handle all equipments issued to them with utmost care. He /she will be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the equipment.
  24. Male Students are not allowed to attend classes or any college function inside the campus wearing shorts, jeans or T-Shirts. Female students are not allowed to attend classes in sleeveless top, leggings, jeggings, jeans, skirt, or any western wear other than the uniform provided. Students should adhere to the dress regulations prescribed by the college and are required to wear the prescribed uniform.
  25. No student shall be permitted to take the College / University examination unless he /she has paid all his / her dues to the college and his/her progress, conduct, and attendance are found satisfactory.
  26. All students shall carry their identity cards and shall produce them whenever called for by the authorities.
  27. College authorities, under no circumstances shall accept any liability of an accident in which a student is involved during his/her stay in the college or on educational tour/visit. Students are therefore, cautioned to conduct themselves in a careful manner wherever they are.
  28. The Principal reserves the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student who fails to pay the college dues on time.
  29. No student shall Use mobile phones in the class rooms / labs/examination hall / Practical examination/Library and during events of the Institution. Mobile phones of students, not adhering to this rule, will be confiscated by college authorities.
  30. Students shall neither drive nor bring four wheelers inside the college campus. Two wheelers will be parked properly in parking areas and students are expected to help security guards in ensuring proper parking discipline.
  31. Students are strictly prohibited to organize / conduct any function outside the College Campus unless permitted by the College Authorities.
  32. Students are not allowed to misuse the internet facilities.
  33. No one is allowed to listen to any kind of music from any device inside the college campus.
  34. Every student shall conduct himself/herself in such way to cause no disturbance to the working of the classes or to follow students.
  35. Ragging, consuming alcohol, smoking and usage of tobacco, Pan are strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  36. Students are advised to switch off fans, light, A/C when they leave the class rooms to save the electricity.
  37. Students should get a minimum of 75 percentage of attendance in each semester to become eligible for appearance in the The TamilNadu Dr.Ambedkar Law Univeristy Examination, otherwise they will have to pay condonation or REDO the course as per the University rules.
  38. The Student who becomes eligible to receive scholarship or other educational concessions are liable to be cancelled if the particular studentís conduct, character and academic performance are not good and the same will be cancelled and will not be forwarded to necessary agency.

Rules And Regulations For Library

  1. Silence must be observed in the Library.
  2. Personal belongings are not allowed inside the Library, they have to place it in the racks provided.
  3. Every staff / student of the college is eligible for membership of the Library. Identity card will be treated as membership card and it is not transferable.
  4. The Library can be utilized by the students and staff from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on all working days.
  5. All staffs & students should sign the entry register of the Library, before entering.
  6. Books borrowing limit: Faculty - 3, Non Teaching staff - 2, Student - 3.
  7. Books are to be handled very carefully. If a book is lost by the staff/ student, he/she shall replace the book (same title, author and edition) or shall pay double the cost of the book as fine.
  8. Members before leaving the issue counter must satisfy themselves as to whether the books which they intend to borrow are in good condition and any damage should be immediately reported to the Librarian or library staff, failing which the member to whom the book was issued will be held responsible.
  9. Members are not permitted to underline, write in, folding / tearing of pages or defaced books in any way whatsoever.
  10. The borrowed book should be returned on or before due date, and the duration of the loan period will be 15 days, If not overdue charge of Rs.2/- per day for students & staff will be collected.
  11. If the due date falls on holidays, return can be done on the following working day without fine.
  12. Misbehavior in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and serious disciplinary action.
  13. A candidate who has lost identity card shall make a written report to the librarian, then original or duplicate identity card will be issued on payment of Rs. 200/-
  14. The members will be responsible for any loss or non return of books issued against their original or duplicate borrower's ticket.
  15. All final year students should return their library token and library book based on library circular and obtain "NO DUE CERTIFICATE" from the library for getting Hall ticket.
  16. Similarly the staff members who intend to leave the college should settle all the dues and obtain "NO DUE CERTIFICATE" from the library.
  17. Reference books, journals, Back volumes will not be issued for lending.
  18. Mobile phones are strictly not allowed.
  19. Discussions are not allowed inside the library.
  20. Staffs/Students are fully responsible for their personal belongings like bags, purse etc., The Librarian/ the management are not held responsible for any loss of such items.

Rules And Regulations For Computer Lab

  1. Access to the Internet is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Students should enter the log-in and log-out time in the log note without fail.
  3. Students must produce Identity Card when demanded, to utilize the lab resources.
  4. Do not wear foot wears inside the lab.
  5. Students are not allowed to download pictures, music, videos or files.
  6. Log-on with your username and password for your use only. Never share your username and password.
  7. Food or drinks are not allowed inside the computer lab.
  8. Do not install software's without permission.
  9. Do not remove or disconnect parts, cables, or labels.
  10. Usage of storage devices (CD, DVD, Pen Drive, External HDD, etc.) is prohibited.
  11. Site includes chat rooms, instant messaging (IM), social and adult sites are strictly prohibited.
  12. No Internet/Intranet gaming activities allowed.
  13. Do not personalize the computer settings. (This includes desktop, screen saver, etc.)
  14. Ask permission to print.
  15. Maintain silence inside the lab.
  16. Log-off - leave the computer ready for the next person to use. Pick-up your materials and push in the chair.