Code Of Conduct For Student


The faculty members of The Central Law College are responsible for contribution and sustenance of the standards of the institution. They should comply with the relevant policies, rules, regulations, norms and standards set to guide their work. While every individual member is accountable for his/her action, as member of the institution community, they are collectively accountable for upholding those standards of behavior and for compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and code of conduct.

This document details the rules and regulations that every faculty member should be followed. These rules and regulations are not exhaustive and hence, the detailed instructions issued from time to time and the modifications made in these due to necessities have to be adopted by the faculty members.


  1. Being a role model to the students, a faculty member shall be polite, self disciplined, helpful, humble, creative, imaginative, ready for exploration and enriched with knowledge, Professional skills & personal skills.
  2. A faculty member shall have effective communication, dedication and commitment and shall enjoy every day to attend the class and make the students feel vice versa.
  3. A faculty member shall always make available to the students in academic and shall ensure the limitations whenever / wherever require.
  4. A faculty member shall have a rapport with students and stay with mutual respect with polite words and make the students into streamline.
  5. A faculty member shall not show any discrimination among students at any point and the institution no longer shall entertain if it is found.
  6. A faculty member shall motivate and encourage the students to achieve a good academic record and in all other activities.
  7. A faculty member shall be strict on rules and regulations of the institutions and shall ensure the Management policies on every activity he/she involves.


  1. All the staff members shall be physically present inside the campus before 9.00 a.m. The working hours will be from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. However, those who have academic, administrative or any other work officially shall be available till 6.00 or 6.30 p.m. or any other as instructed by Principal / CAO / Secretary.
  2. All teaching faculty shall be inside the respective classrooms when the first bell rings. No delay in subsequent class hours.
  3. Any need arises to go out of the campus during the working hours (except lunch hours) both official / personal shall get prior permission from Principal / CAO / Secretary and make entries in the IN/OUT Register with timing.
  4. All faculty members shall enter into the campus 10-15 minutes earlier and exit 10-15 minutes late in order to avoid inevitable conversations with the students off the campus.
  5. Any faculty coming late / leaving early for more than 10 minutes on 3 occasions in a month shall lose half-day casual leave. Repeated late comers shall be liable for disciplinary action. Informing leave at the beginning of the day either by phone or through some other staff will be counted as 2 days leave, if it is not due emergency. (Proof of emergency to be produced).
  6. A faculty member shall take only once in a month for hourly permission, beyond that for any additional permission it will be counted as half-a-day casual leave and deducted in their salary.
  7. A faculty member is required to make alternative arrangement to handle his/her scheduled course work and other works whenever he/she goes on leave.
  8. As far as possible a faculty member should not miss the scheduled class and only under unavoidable circumstances alternative arrangement can be made. This will ensure better compliance of scheduled classes.
  9. A faculty member shall be punctual in attending class and leave the class room after his/her class is over only after the arrival of the faculty for the next period or instruct the students to go to the library / computer laboratory, as the case may be.
  10. The faculty member shall carry out any other academic related activity that may be assigned to him/her by the Principal / CAO/ Secretary from time to time.
  11. Faculty member shall ensure that discipline is maintained in the college campus, maintain proper decency in the staff room without disturbing the preparation of other faculty members, shall maintain proper dress code with decent hair-cut and neatly shaved.
  12. Faculty member shall not use mobile phone inside the classrooms, Library, English Language Lab, Examination Halls and in Corridors of the college building. However, they can use it in their staff rooms. The same is to be followed to the students as well.
  13. Faculty member shall communicate among them in English, which may improve the skills. However, to explain the point better, bi-lingual / colloquial language may be used.
  14. Faculty member shall park his/her vehicle properly and give their Registration number of their respective vehicles to the security guards.
  15. Faculty member shall take print outs after a double check and waste not the paper, energy, print ink and money. Details of printout taken shall be entered in the register kept for the same.
  16. Silence shall be observed inside the library and therefore it shall not be used for group discussion / taking rest.
  17. Faculty member shall not entertain the students meeting / assembling in the staff room. Finding the flock of students in the staff room will be viewed seriously.
  18. A faculty member shall ensure that no students are loitering in the corridors by going around and making any noise and disturbing the other classes.


1.Teaching and Learning

  A faculty is responsible for,
  1. Teaching of subjects allocated by the Principal for 5 year B.A.LL.B & 3 YEAR LL.B programmes offered by the Tamilnadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, Chennai
  2. Conducting tests, seminars and tutorials (if require) of the programmes assigned to him/her in an effective manner, so as to improve the University examination performance of the students.
  3. Providing proper guidance and supervision of any academic work undertaken by students and development of proper rapport with the court/ industry/organization.
  4. Making the teaching more effective and interesting to the students along with practical applications by the use of smart boards & multi-media teaching aids.
  5. Helping peer-assisted learning.

2.Course Planning and Material Preparation

  1. The faculty member is required to plan and make complete preparation well in advance to effectively teach the theory and clinical courses.
  2. He/she should prepare the schedule of lectures with topics, tests, assignments, demonstrations and power point presentation etc., in advance and the students should be informed of the same.
  3. The faculty member has to design the course content/Lecture notes effectively ensuring the essence of it and it can be easily taken by the students besides properly understanding the physical phenomena or concept.

3.Internal Assessment Test / Unit Test- evaluation and grading

  1. A faculty is required to set standard question papers to test the knowledge / Problem solving/ analytical thinking of students and evaluate the answer scripts regardless of any bias of students at a stipulated time.
  2. A faculty is required to conduct and invigilate any exam/test in the institution. Such test/exam may be for the course taught by him/her or for other course assigned by the Principal.
  3. A faculty member while evaluating answer scripts, oral examination/clinical work evaluation, should scrupulously be objective in his/her approach so that the student can earn the marks/grading for his/her performance only. Besides, he/she should indicate the mistakes on the script and guide individually for better performance in the next attempt.
  4. A faculty member needs to submit the performance/ Mark statement of every test within 3 days after the completion of their concerned subject (one subject) and 5 days (two subjects) to the Principal and report his/her action taken report at specific time.

4.Maintenance of Records

  1. Each faculty member is required to maintain the course file of allotted subjects, attendance and continuous assessment neatly, properly and in time. This should be produced to the Principal/ CAO/ Secretary as and when called for or immediately after the test for scrutiny and should be handed over to IQAC for the academic audit.
  2. A faculty shall submit the monthly required documents to the principal and report the subject progress whenever enquired.
  3. If the faculty member is assigned to be the Class Adviser by Principal, he/she should maintain the list of students under him / her, their parent/local guardian contact address/phone/mail etc., so that the studentís progress could be monitored and communicated to them. The Class Adviser shall conduct the periodical counselling for poorly performing/ class troublers/inactive/personal issue students and keep the record ready and report to the Principal. The Class Adviser shall also take necessary steps to improve the studentsí performance after regular counselling and inform to the parents if need arise.


The Central Law College has framed and actively has been installed with various committees. The following are the set of advice that shall be adhered by the committee members.

  1. A faculty member, who shall be appointed as convener of specific committee must submit their regular activities report monthly to the Principal.
  2. The convener as well as the committee members, who shall be appointed for a specific committee, will ensure the roles and responsibilities at the time of getting into themselves.
  3. The convener shall conduct meeting along with the committee members every week and execute the activities that meets the academic calendar planning and shall ensure that the academic works will no longer be disturbed.
  4. The convener shall establish a positive rapport among the committee members for a better involvement and contribution of each member.
  5. The committee members shall be invited with innovative ideas/ perceptions and attempt them after a discussion.
  6. Each committee members shall split /distribute/ undertake the planned activities and can form the students community as a part of it where students exposure is probable.
  7. The committee member who isolates / discharges/disinterest himself/herself from the responsibilities shall be reported to the Principal / Secretary prior.
  8. All faculty members shall remember the intention of the establishment of all the committees focusing the upliftment of the institution, self and the society.