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The Founder was highly motivated by the concept of establishing a Law College at Salem, his birth place and started working on the proposal. The college, in its proposal stage, faced serious objections an obstacles from the government of Tamilnadu but was successfully established in 1984 by an order of the Hon'ble High Court of Madras.

In compliance with the order of the High Court of Madras, the University of Madras granted provisional affiliation in 1984 fir starting the 5 year Integrated B.L Degree Course for students who have successfully completed 12 years of Higher Secondary schooling. Later, permission was granted for starting the 3 year B.L Degree Based Course for candidates who had already obtained a Bachelor Degree. The initial provisional affiliation was confirmed as permanent affiliation by the University of Madras in its order

[a] A.II / P.T.T / C.L.C SALEM / PERMANENT Affin.In 5-Year B.L. / 92-93 / 1242 dated 25.06.1993 for the 5 year course and

[b] A-II / MVS / C.L.C salem / Perm.Affin.in 3 yr B.L Inc.in.Stren / 93.94 /2423 dated 02.11.1993 for the 3 year course.


The Government of Tamilnadu re-organised the functioning of its universities and established ne universities to deal with various professional courses, the Tamilnadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University was formed in 1997 to deal exclusively with legal education. This college has been affiliated to the Law University since then.

The Bar Council of India has accorded its approval under Sec [h] of The Indian Advocates Act 1961 recognizing the law graduates of this college as eligible for entering the legal profession in India and elsewhere as per law. Affiliation of the Government of Tamilnadu is granted by The Tamilnadu Dr.Ambdkar Law University Act,1997.

Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan, a native of Salem, graduated in B.A. Economics from Government Arts College, Salem, and went on to do his M.A. Economics in Presidency College,Chennai.

He graduated in Law from the Madras Law College and received his Masters in Law from the University of Madras. He started his career as an apprentice to Prof. N.A. Subramanian and moved on to work as a junior under Justice S. Mohan who practiced in the Madras High Court on Writ side for ten years. He later joined as Faculty of Law at Madras Law College and after serving as a Senior Professor of Constitutional Law, resigned his faculty position to set up the Central Law College in Salem.

Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan has to his credit, rich experience in the field of education by virtue of the various positions held by him. He was a member of the Academic Council, the Board of Studies, the Syndicate, the Senate and the Planning Commission of various universities. He was also the Advisor to the Governor of Tamil Nadu on Tamil Nadu University Education and the Vice-president of the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, a premier National Institution of Excellence in Public Administration.

Mr.D.Saravanan the young visionary, is an innovative thinker, dedicated and humble Secretary of the college. He obtained his Under graduation Degree in Economics from Vivekananda College,Chennai. He did his Bachelor Degree of Law from Bangalore University and Master Degree of Law in International Law and Constitutional Law from the University of Madras. He enrolled as an advocate in the Bar Council of Tamilnadu and he practiced under the able guidance of Mr. T.V. Ramanujum, Senior Advocate, High Court of Madras.

He is a person with optimistic energy, coupled with commitment, dynamic thinking, methodical planning and execution aims to promote the college into a University. Imbibed with the strong determined, tenacity, hard work and care. He aims to provide quality education for the students. He is headed with all tenacity and zeal towards making the vision and mission of the college into a reality.


Secretary & Advocate

Governing Council Members

Hon’ble Mr.Justice E. Padmanabhan

B.Sc., B.L.(PG) DC BiL.,


    After graduating from Madras University through Madras Law College started practicing advocate before Madras High Court in the Environmental, Administrative and Election Law mostly specializing on writs. He has to his credit many standard articles published on environment and consumer protection.

DR.S.S.P. Darwesh

M.L., Ph.D., L.L.D., D.Sc.,


    A Former Vice-Chancellor of The Tamilnadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, Chennai is a holder of Ph.D in law, Doctorate in Forensic Science and also a Ph.D [Hanoris Cause] from New Age University, Italy. He has to his credit a rich experience as a long time advocate, academician and as a Judge.

Prof. Dr.V.Vijaya Kumar

M.A., M.L., Ph.D.,


    A person endowed always with a smile his face and readily accessible attitude with willingness to help nature tempered with humility and simplicity received all his academic attainment from University of Madras through the prestigious Madras Presidency College, Madras Law College and University of Madras itself.

Hon'ble Dr. Justice P. Jyothimani

B.Sc., M.L., Ph.D.,


    Dr.P.Jyothimani, arenowned Judge of Madras High Court, holder of Ph.D degree in Criminology from University of Madras with a commitment to his Legal Profession. He has been awarded with Gold medals for securing highest mark in BGL, BL and ML degree. He was recognised by several endowment awards and Gold medals like Justice.S.


  • To provide liberal education in its traditional form

  • To equip the students of our college with knowledge and experience and encourage them to take up the legal profession with dignity

  • To instill confidence in the student to ensure fair play of equity and justice

  • To create enlightened and cultured citizens with awareness of their civic responsibility and commitment to society

  • To service on the judiciary with intellect and without fear or favour and leave an imprint of integrity and honesty


  • To build this institution in size and strength, with the ultimate goal of achieving the status of a university attracting global recognition and acclamation for excellence and projects of research

  • To provide legal education to the young aspirants, well in line with our mission. To prepare the student to reason logically with clarity, and master oral and written communication skills.

  • To provide continuing legal education to our old students to improve their competence and conduct themselves with loyalty to their profession without compromising quality under any circumstance.

With a Post Graduate Degree in M.A Sociology, he joined the Central Service and served at Delhi in the Home Ministry as Research officer for more than 28 years. He has profound experience both in research and administrative fields, and has taken part in seminars and various projects of the Government of India in the research field. He joined the college at its infant stage and is involved in the academic and administrative functions of the college. He has been associated with the college for more than two decades and has proved his mettle with full dedication and involvement.

Prof. A.Manickam

Chief Administrator

She is a Post Graduate degree holder in Law from Gulbarga University, Karnataka. Initially, she practiced law for about five years and later joined the institution as a Lecture in Law and was subsequently put in charge as Principal. She has rich teaching experience in the field of Law for nearly more than 20 years. She is credited with publication of articles in many reputed journals. She has served as Syndicate Member and is presently a Senate Member of Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University,Chennai.

Prof. Begum Fatima