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The Central Law College was founded by Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan in the year 1984. The government of that time started establishing law colleges in various parts of Southern India including Madurai, Tiruchirappalli and Coimbatore, but the prominent district of Salem and other surrounding districts were left behind. Prof. R.V. Dhanapalan, a native of Salem and serving at the Madras Law College as a Senior Professor of Constitutional Law, aspired to build a law college in the district and made it happen.

The college had to face many obstacles before it could get the required approvals and formalities completed; however, the perseverance nature of our founder paid off and the college was established in 1984 by an order of the High Court of Madras.

Complying with the order, the University of Madras granted the college provisional affiliation in 1984 for a 5 year B.A.B.L. Integrated Course for students who have completed secondary school. In 1989, the college received a provisional affiliation for a 3 year BL Degree Based Course for students who already have a graduate degree in any discipline.

After many hiccups, the initial provisional affiliation was confirmed as a permanent affiliation by the University of Madras for both 5 year B.A.B.L. Integrated Course and 3 year BL Degree Based Course in the year 1993.

Subsequently, The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University was formed by the state Act 1997, since the was affiliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University, Chennai.


  • To provide liberal education in its traditional form

  • To equip the students of our college with knowledge and experience and encourage them to take up the legal profession with dignity

  • To instill confidence in the student to ensure fair play of equity and justice

  • To create enlightened and cultured citizens with awareness of their civic responsibility and commitment to society

  • To service on the judiciary with intellect and without fear or favour and leave an imprint of integrity and honesty


  • To build this institution in size and strength, with the ultimate goal of achieving the status of a university attracting global recognition and acclamation for excellence and projects of research

  • To provide legal education to the young aspirants, well in line with our mission. To prepare the student to reason logically with clarity, and master oral and written communication skills.

  • To provide continuing legal education to our old students to improve their competence and conduct themselves with loyalty to their profession without compromising quality under any circumstance.


The emblem of the college is so designed as to convey message that this institution, started in 1984 with a mission, is a temple of learning that aims to introduce the students to the basic concepts of law and enrich them with knowledge and experience with a final aim to shape them to take up the legal profession with legitimate pride and equity.

The word interspersed in the emblem sum up the motto of this institution.

1. Jurisprudence – denote deep and thorough knowledge acquired in the field of law.

2. Fear Not – stands for the bold attitude to be adopted to ensure due course of justice.

3. Favour Not – indicates that one should conduct himself at all time without any bias while administration of justice.

4. Uphold Justice – suggests that one should always be guided and controlled by conscience in the administering justice.

5. Equity – denotes that equity shall rule supreme in the administration justice.

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